Wir sind selbst platt, von all den vielen Emails und Posts. Danke, dass BringBee Euch so bewegt und dass ihr Euch mit uns an die tolle BringBee Zeit erinnert. Hier haben wir das Feedback von Twitter etwas kompakt zusammengefasst. https://storify.com/stellaschieffer/rememberbringbee






About Stella Schieffer

Product Manager at Google | Entrepreneur & Engineer | Traveller | Animal lover | Sharing Economy Enthusiast | Musician | Foodie | Hiking & Rowing -Fan

3 responses to “#RememberBringBee”

  1. Jérôme Libeskind says :

    Sorry to read that your service has stopped. It is a great idea that needs to be extended to other countries.

    • Stella Schieffer says :

      Thank you Jérôme! And we are convinced it will. It might just need a little more time for the topic to get traction and to get on the priority list of potential partners.

  2. Mary says :

    Such a good idea, it’s a shame it didn’t work… Guess the market isn’t ready for innovation and dynamism 😦

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