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Payment Industry – Part II & THE END

This is a continuation of the blog post:

High hopes
The problem of being able to offer payments via visa and master seemed solved. I had gotten the promise by the country manager of an acquirer that he would arrange for us to get an acquiring contract with his company. However he had to go get approval from the German mother company.

2 months passed till our development was really taking shape and i got the terms and conditions for our service; written by a top lawyer with, well , lets call it Zurich prices.

Unfortunately, after I sent in the terms and conditions to my contact I did not hear from him for the next month. So I got back in touch to ask about the status of the acquiring contract. No answer.
I tried again and tried calling and email again. Finally he got back to me and told me he had been really busy and would get top of it.

Long story short. One or two months later I still did not have a contract and difficulties to get in touch with my contact.

Starting all over again
So i decided that I had to look for alternative option… again. (Did not I already spend 2 months at the beginning of the year trying to figure out this payment industry)

I got rejected again by  S.. i started looking into paypal i even tried a Dutch provider..

Rejections everywhere.

Network effects
Luckily I met the CEO of housetrip at an event and asked him to put in a good word with his payment provider who had already rejected me going through the ordinary sales channel.

Well, but even the reference of a company that just raised 40 mio $ and has exactly the same business model  did not help, I got rejected. Oh well, I got used to it by now.

The power of blogging

Funnily, a coach read my blog post and connected me to his friend at Master card. Interestingly, when I visited Master Card Switzerland, they were really supportive and wanted to help me and gave me powerful advice.

Then why did acquirers always pretend like Master and VISA were the problem…

Well, my last try was a Swiss acquiring company with headquarters in Switzerland. Funnily, coming well prepared and making it obvious that this was a wonderful business opportunity also for them, I finally got my contract.


What I learned

I still can’t really figure out this industry, but I surely learned its damn complicated and could really use some more innovation and lean structures.

I am happy I am done with it for a while and looking forward to a launch, finally with payment.

Hinter den Kulissen wird schon fleissig mitgebracht..

Diesen Monat haben wir BringBee mit einer Reihe von Beta Testern getestet. Hinter einem Passwortschutz ist das Ganze System nämlich schon live.

Hierbei haben wir nicht nur eine Reihe von UX tests gemacht sondern auch wirklich erste Mitbringjobs absolviert und die Resonanz ist durchweg positiv. Hier einige Eindrücke:

„Schlüssiges Konzept! So komm ich jetzt an die guten und günstigen IKEA Produkte für die ich nicht extra in den IKEA fahren würde.“

„unkompliziert & zuverlässig.“


„It was so comfortable to have the orchids brought to my door!

There are so many small things I regularly need from IKEA, but don’t get around to driving there.

And do I always want to make the trip for a few flowers or candles or whatever?

Now, thanks to your online service, I can take care of even the smallest shopping list.

And when I do decide to make the trip, why not earn a few francs while I’m at it?”

Innovation ist kein Zuckerschlecken

Vielleicht hören sich berühmte Unternehmerzitate etwas pathetisch an:

„If you are not being rejected on an everyday basis, your goals are not high enough“

Dass tatsächlich Wahrheit in diesen emotional geladenen Sätzen liegt, zeigt sich erst beim selbst innovativ sein. Wenn ihr wissen wollt, wie hart wir schon allein kämpfen müssen, um ein innovatives Konzept wie BringBee auf die Beine zu stellen, dann lest den Blogeintrag unserer Gründerin Stella.

Sie erzählt, was für ein langer Weg es ist einen Vertrag für ein Zahlungssystem für eine komplexe Plattform wie BringBee zu bekommen und wie Bürokratie und langsame Prozesse in der Finanzbranche uns viel Zeit und Nerven gekostet haben.

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