Build anything from IKEA. Build a hydroponic farm.

IKEA is a phenomenon.  In almost every country everyone knows BILLY, everyone has a BUMERANG… The same great and functional products are readily available around the globe and inspire people to hack the products to make their individual furniture out of them.

One master of redesigning IKEA product is Antonio Scarponi, an Italian designer based in Zurich and founder of Conceptual devices (

Antonio wants  to create new manuals for readily available materials. Affordable and easy manuals for things everyone can build at home.

One of his astonishing recent projects is ELIOO. ELIOO is an inspiration to every food lover and home gardener. The book to be published in December contains instructions of how to build your own hydroponic system. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, in nutrious solutions. You can grow plants, herbs or vegetables in it with simple Ikea components.


You can support Antonio and preorder the book now already.



Conceptual devices –


More of Antonio’s creative Ikea hacks. Readykea 

Urban Farmers – if you want a bigger hydroponic roof top farm, check out


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